Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the colourful taiwan cuisine part 1

Taiwan had been my fave vacation location for the past few years. It's a place with lots of interesting food outlets. From the super value street food to the super good service posh restaurant.

Posh Restaurant
Wang Steak famous for their good service.

Wang Steak, voted the most want-to-join company by the Uni grads in Taiwan for the last 2 years. Their ability to SOP good food and good service, puts them in the top of the F&B industry in Taiwan.

Street Food

Of course when we talk about food in Taiwan, street food always comes to the top of mind.
From the oyster mee sua to huge fried chicken, there are just so many choices. Do look out for new food stalls on the streets too.

The grilled juicy scallops i tried is really good. You may be thinking, "i tried in some similar grilled scallop in Singapore, and it's really CMI." But well it's just taste different in taiwan.

With so much food choice in Taiwan, it's always advisable to travel in a group to share food. Don't really want to K.O. after 2 dishes ya.