Monday, April 1, 2013

While we are still sleeping

Ever wonder what time did the hawker stalls owners starts to prepare their food, in order to be on time for the morning rush.

It's a trade that may fail to exists in the future, due to long hours and low pay.

So I visited BoonKeng market during a cool friday morning before sunrise. 

And as expected many hardworking hawker stalls owners are already busy preparing their food stuff. From sorting the raw vegetables to filling the paste onto the healthy YongTauHu.

I walk past a vegetable stall and start to take some shots with the cat looking at the stall owner working. A few shutter clicks off, and the cat turned and look at me as if posing for me in front of the stall.

I continue to walk to the cooked food market, in search of good food photo. 

Then a lady chef caught my eyes. Her focus and skilfulness in her work tells me that her siewmai is simply great.

Chatted with her for a while, she told me that she would prefer to have a cert so that she can work in the hotels. But somehow i guess she is a lot more skilful than chef in Tim Sum chain of restaurants.

It's contradicting to see lots of people unwilling to pay more for a bowl of good food, but are willing to fork out 10 times more to dine at Tim Sum chain.

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