Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a New Sigma DP camera

Today, we are super spoiled for choices when its comes to camera.

Just 2012 alone there are many big sensor in a small body (Compact System Camera CSC), like the Canon G1x, Pentax K-01, Fujifilm Xpro1.

While everyone is focusing on the Well Known brand like Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon etc. The company that launch the 1st CSC in 2008 had come out with a brand new series of camera. the "Sigma DP Merrill".

The Sigma DP series of camera was well know for the good IQ. Its Foveon sensor is simply different from the rest of the camera. But sales was not as great due to the poor handling. e.g. long lag time between shots, slow auto focus etc. But those who appreciate the camera, find ways to suit the camera shooting pattern. Its like the X100 user simply love it despite of the high price and nearly unusable manual focus.

Details of the pricing and the reviews of the cameras are not out yet. But can't wait to see them.

Link to the official site

Anyway, attached are some of my shots using my good old DP1s.