Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting LOMO with EOS M

Have been playing a lot with my EOS M. Being so small, i can always carry it out with me or in my big side pocket.

Recently i took out my old toys for my DSLR to mount onto the EOS M.

The Diana F+ Lens Adaptor - Canon Mount (you can get one here). I mount it with the 75mm and Super wide angle lens. Its fun to try all that out the old toys for that lomo feel.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More shots from the EOS M

Went to the airport yesterday to pick up my wife.

So i make use of the extra time I have to explore my EOS M.

While i Wait - Moving...

E shot is created with the use of HDR mode in the Camera. Yes, this is not a HDR photo. But i make use of the 3 shots taken in the auto mode to create the moving feel of the luggage. :)

While I wait - our different wait

While i Wait - Hope

Saturday, October 27, 2012

EOS M user hands on experience.

I finally get hold of the Brand New EOS M camera 2 days ago, and would like to share some user experience on it.

The New EOS M camera is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that Canon release. It has an APSC size sensor and its small enough to pocketed with the pancake lens on.

Its looks small, but have the solid and heavy feel when i handle it.

Below are some photos of the size comparison.

EOS M vs Small Compact camera.

EOS M vs Fuji X100 

 The Auto-Focus is quite fast, quiet and accurate to me. Of course it may fish a little in poor light condition. The general feel is quite good. Maybe i had achieve a high tolerance level after using DP1 and X100. The Manual Focus is done electronically, by turning the focus ring. Its quite fast, almost like turning the mechanical focus ring.

The indoor focusing test

 I tried shooting with multiple shoot mode, and with a Class 10 SD card to test out the buffer speed. It manage to shoot continuously for about 100 Large Jpeg shots before it shows a little sign of overloading. And its ready to reshoot again in less than half a sec after releasing the shutter button. I stopped slightly after 100 shots as I dont think i will machine gun the shoots away for so many shots. 

The Buffer test.

 Below are some of my test shot this morning.

One thing i dont really like about the camera is that the touch screen shutter cannot be locked. Thus just 2 touch could have activated the shutter.

 Overall its an interesting camera to play with. Its small and portable to be the spare camera during jobs, for daily carry around use and travel use.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel Street Photography - Singapore

Most people will find travel shots must and should be taken overseas, but hey wait a minute. Millions of people does pay a lot and fly over 12 hours to visit our Little Red Dot. The Island in the far east. So that does made my home Singapore, a special place. Just look around and we will find it special. :)
Singapore Often gives us great sky. As long as we are willing to appreciate.
A Old VS New, what catches me is that even the old auntie chooses the new bakery.
While we are traveling. Most of us are occupied with our mobile phones while we travel, eat, walk and maybe work :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a New Sigma DP camera

Today, we are super spoiled for choices when its comes to camera.

Just 2012 alone there are many big sensor in a small body (Compact System Camera CSC), like the Canon G1x, Pentax K-01, Fujifilm Xpro1.

While everyone is focusing on the Well Known brand like Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon etc. The company that launch the 1st CSC in 2008 had come out with a brand new series of camera. the "Sigma DP Merrill".

The Sigma DP series of camera was well know for the good IQ. Its Foveon sensor is simply different from the rest of the camera. But sales was not as great due to the poor handling. e.g. long lag time between shots, slow auto focus etc. But those who appreciate the camera, find ways to suit the camera shooting pattern. Its like the X100 user simply love it despite of the high price and nearly unusable manual focus.

Details of the pricing and the reviews of the cameras are not out yet. But can't wait to see them.

Link to the official site

Anyway, attached are some of my shots using my good old DP1s.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Eco @ Phuket 2012

Well haven published any updates for a long long time. Guess its due to emerging of other social media like FaceBook etc.

Guess i will do some posting of my older photo collection soon.

Ok back to the Phuket trip. It had been quite a while since my last trip to Phuket. My last trip should be in 1998 before my poly life starts.

So 14 years later, what had changed. Phuket changed a booming tourism island to a over crowded tourism island. Things becomes a lot more expensive. The food and transport is already Singapore price, and the international brand shopping is way more expensive than Singapore.

Below are some of my scenic photos :)